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Watch and join discussion on the future of cities

April 18 2008 / by cyrusbryan / In association with Future
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This is one of the best slide shows, if not the best, that I have seen on the web.

Richard Saul Wurman, founder of TED, has decided to launch a think tank to study the challenges and potential opportunities that connect with the surge in city populations worldwide (hence the name 192021: 19 cities studied with populations of 20 million or more in the 21st century)

Stewart Brand on Cities and Time

April 18 2008 / by cyrusbryan / In association with Future
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As a response to Accel Rose’s post on the future of cities by Stewart Brand, I thought I would pass this along as a supplement. It’s a one-hour presentation on the “City-Planet”, a long-term trend barely noticed by anyone.

According to Brand, “The massive urbanization of the world now going on is changing everything, affecting economics, the environment, and global population—- most of it, in surprising ways, for the better. The more I delve into the subject, the more I find it packed with news which is not being widely reported or thought about.”

This is one of a monthly series of Seminars About Long-term Thinking, given every second Friday in San Francisco, CA, organized by The Long Now Foundation .

Here’s the google video of the Long Now talk: