Virtual Strip Search Deployed at Airports, U.S. Border Checkpoints and in Iraq

October 22 2008 / by John Heylin
Category: Social Issues   Year: 2008   Rating: 1

The future is now for see-through technology. Airports around the world are slowly switching to a new type of x-ray machine which allows them to see underneath your clothes. Yes, underneath.

EU and American civil liberty groups are already fighting the implementation at airports in the US and EU for fear that use of the x-ray scanner will become commonplace instead of just for special situations. We wouldn’t strip search everyone that went through the airport, so why do it through technology?

While we all thought the x-ray in Total Recall was pretty awesome, none of us want to experience that level of radiation on a daily basis (plus, I’d rather let people see my skeleton instead of me naked).

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  1. Update: EU blocks virtual strip search

    Posted by: John Heylin   October 23, 2008
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