Ten Retro Tech Toys that Resurrect Your Childhood

October 28 2008 / by christinep
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VHS, tape decks, wood paneling, oh my! The past conjures up warm memories that are greatly associated with chocolate-chip cookies and watching Saturday morning cartoons. These gadgets should be able to bring up a memory cloud a la Wile E. Coyote. So whoever thought that VHS tapes would just disappear into the night, they were sadly mistaken.

1. M21 Flat Panel TV: With the mixture of old-school flair and modern technology, this Brady Bunch-esque flat screen TV will be a highly coveted tech toy among the retro and TV fans alike. You could watch your favorite Brady Bunch episode, hint – the episode where Greg and Marcia were both running for class president, on a TV that highly resembles said time period.

2. Touch Screen Boom-box PC: Do you remember hanging out after school? All of your friends sitting around the boom-box after basketball or volleyball practice listening to the four at four. It was just the thing to do. The boom-box revolutionized a generation and now it has been integrated into the digital-age. This 80’s staple features an LCD screen and runs a Linux/Windows dual boot.

3. NES TV Remote Control: Growing up, the Nintendo system was the must-have system for every video-game enthusiast. This NES controller turned TV remote is a retro-gamers’ dream. It combined their two true loves, old-school video game systems and tech toys.

4. Retro Cell Phone Stun Gun link: What is Zach Morris and every quintessential 80’s to early 90’s business man suppose to do with their cell phones? Well, those bulky cell phones are now made into stun guns. So if you’re scared walking home, be not afraid. Because what thief would expect that gigantic cell phone to be 2 weapons, a stun gun and a brick to knock you upside the head.

5. Nintendo R.O.B Webcam: This relic from the original launch of the Nintendo system was not actually a webcam. R.O.B, which stands for robotic operating buddy, was converted into a webcam. So why not get in contact with some of old video game buddies and have a chat with them via the R.O.B webcam.

6. Glowing VHS Tape USB Hub link here: Pop quiz, you need a new USB hub but you just don’t want a standard, generic piece of equipment. Answer, take an old VHS from your tape collection and buy the necessary equipment and voila, a genuine glowing VHS tape USB hub. It will be all the buzz with your childhood friends who you used to watch old episodes of Tiny Toon Adventures on video tape.

7. Smart Table for Kids: I know, this isn’t made out of anything that reminds you of the past. But doesn’t this Microsoft touch screen remind you of a magna-doodle.

8. Audio Technica AT-727 Sound Burger: Vinyl has been making a comeback. This nifty device was created and billed as the rival to the Sony Walkman. While the design seemed portable, there was still a technical flaw which was the spinning disc made it difficult to carry around.

9. USB Cassette: Do you want to show off your creative skills? Wow your friends with that mix tape you still carry around when you plug it into the computer via USB. Sure it’s not going to play the songs from the tape, but you will be able to carry around the songs through an MP3 format.

10. Transformer’s Soundwave MP3 Player: When I think of my childhood, nothing says retro more than Transformers. This MP3 player takes the classic aspect of the character, using cassette tapes during his transformation, and combines it with the digital age. The toy turns into his cassette player form, but instead of using tapes it uses an SD card.

These gadgets show the evolving use of technology. While the content may seem old, it can be used to spark a new generation of sticky devices.

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  1. As ungainly and unwieldy as retro stuff is (especially retro stuff modded to new technology) I still love it.

    Posted by: martymcfly   October 28, 2008
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  2. I found it really cool about how much older toys were so-called “reinvented” to fit today’s technology. For the most part, it was really interesting to see how much people would mod their old stuff. For instance, I found a video on youtube about making a portable Dreamcast. I would definitely make that if I had the wiring skills.

    Posted by: christinep   October 29, 2008
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