The iPhone's Plan to Beat Google on it's Home Turf with new Street View Update

October 29 2008 / by christinep / In association with Future
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Google Android has one of the best features designed for Google maps. Makes sense, doesn’t it? But while the newly released Android is getting all the hype in the news as of late, it seems Apple isn’t going to let Google get away with that title just yet. With the software 2.2 update, the iPhone will now support Google Street View as well as mass transit directions. With this feature, people will be able to view their actual surroundings so they can get a better sense of where they need to go. The mass transit feature is especially helpful for those who commute on a daily basis and need to catch those buses on time.

It wasn’t too long ago that a map was the confused traveler’s staple — you’d stare at it for what seemed like hours, dimly aware of your orientation or distances, unable to fold it back into it’s designed shape.

With all the advances in technology over the last few years, we’ve gotten to the point where the map has become cumbersome, replaced by slick-thin devices which not only give you an idea of your surroundings, but also the local fare.

With Google Maps applications such as Street View and mass transit directions, it my be only a matter of time before the standard changes once again. Just think, we won’t have to pull out our phones anymore to look up the stop we missed. There could even be interactive touch screen maps on the bus itself. Although the software update is another step towards a future of incredible ease, it will be interesting to see what will come out in the next five years that could make this obsolete.

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