Halloween Costumes You Might Be Wearing in Ten Years

October 31 2008 / by John Heylin
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Bionic Exoskeletons? OLED Haunted Houses? Holographic Masks? Check out some of the Halloween costumes we have in store for us ten years down the road. And while that Ninja Turtle costume you wear every year is still pretty sweet, the best costumes really are the ones that incorporate the latest technology into their design.

Happy Halloween everybody.

Holographic Mask

Looking to make people literally crap their pants? The Hologram Necklace allows users to pick pre-programmed faces which are projected around their faces. An easy on/off switch means you won’t have to worry about walking around blind and since the code is open source you could theoretically make your own custom mask. While current holographic technology is limited to areas that involve multiple mirrors, by 2015 a portable one is more than likely.

Invisible Cloak

I’ve talked before about the idea of having regular consumers buying invisibility cloaks and how they could only lead to mischief. Well, that’s what Halloween is for, causing havoc. Besides scaring the Hell out of people, you could steal candy, TP a house, even gradually pick off a group of kids one by one (that sounded creepy). But be careful, remember you’re invisible because moving vehicles won’t see you.

Giant Costumes

Don’t expect to be able to buy an IronMan suit anytime soon, but you might be able to swing operating a giant robot. While bionic exoskeletons are still in their infancy (although remarkable progress is being made) they are good enough to incorporate into a larger costume. This means you can build your own Optimus Prime out of sheet metal and have it be twenty feet tall. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is how to get back up when some jackass pushes you over.

Anyone else creeped out that the company in the video is called Cyberdine?

OLED Haunted House

For the person who wants to go all out (scary-wise and money-wise) is the OLED Haunted House. OLED screens have gotten so thin and flexible that they can literally flap in the wind. As the cost goes down and the technology gets better, imagine being able to coat your house with OLED screens. You could make it appear on fire, invisible, even covered in giant spiders. Not only would you scare the visiting kids, but the whole neighborhood.

OLED Tattoo

It’s always the over-the-top people that make the best costumes. And while black light tattoos are pretty over the top, implantable technology is even more so. So if you think it’s crazy that someone might implant OLED screens under their skin to create their own body canvas, you’re right. It is crazy. Would I do it? Hmmmm, I dunno, that image of the skeleton is pretty sweet. You could change the color of your skin to neon green, appear on fire, make it look like something is crawling under your skin, etc. The possibilities are almost endless.

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