Hands-Free Photography Concept Not Very Hands-Free But Still Awesome

November 10 2008 / by John Heylin
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We’ve thought about it over and over — Why can’t I just take a picture with my eyes? In this latest concept from Mac Funamizu, you can almost do just that.

In this concept, you wear a pair of sunglasses capable of taking photos from the perspective of the user. It tracks the movement of your hands, allowing you to frame the picture, and snaps the photo with a signal from your left eye (being the shutter). Although information on the concept is limited, one assumes that the sunglasses would use the focus of the eye to determine which items the photo will focus on. Reminds me of the movie Strange Days.

Although wildly fantastic, it’s still a product that is capable of existing in the near future. Hand-tracking technology is getting better seemingly every month while the amount of mega-pixels you can cram onto a pinhead is skyrocketing (Ericsson expects to have a cellphone capable of recording HD video by 2012 as well as taking 20 mega-pixel photos). But the one thing we’re learning more and more is that the future of technology isn’t going to be a bunch of specialized devices, but of a single device capable of doing the work of everything else.

via CNET Asia

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