"C3 Loops" An Interesting Touchscreen, May Make You Dizzy

November 12 2008 / by John Heylin
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C3 Loops demo at NordiCHI’08 from Peter Bennett on Vimeo.

The C3 Loops touchscreen, developed by “Rikard Lindell”, uses an interesting way to zoom in and out — by using circles. The user draws their fingers around in circles clockwise to zoom in, counterclockwise to zoom out. Much different than the accepted way of zooming in and out by spreading hands apart or pinching them together. In fact, you might say this guy has circles on the brain, especially when you see his website.

Lindell believes that circles are the key to just about any design and bases most of his research around them, calling it ConCentric CRAFT. “From experience we know that users want to work and collaborate content centric in an unbroken activity flow.” For some the idea of a circle being incorporated into the design might give the user a Zen-like feel to their interactive experience. Or it could make you dizzy.

This could be a branch in the whole touchscreen world, some users going one way while others go the opposite. If it comes down to a matter of preference, this might be the start of a new Mac-vs-Windows-like split. I, for one, think touchscreens are still rather primitive and will hold out for another few years before getting one.

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  1. So simple, yet so clever. I bet this will explode through touch-screen apps and will be a major part of interface protocol until the 3-d distance/sdepth perception capabilities manifest in affordable consumer products.

    Posted by: Alvis Brigis   November 13, 2008
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