3G Networks Already Old and Busted In Russia (Go USA! Oh, Whoops...)

November 17 2008 / by John Heylin
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We here in the US have fallen so far behind the rest of the world in ground-breaking technology (cough! Large Hadron Collider, stem cells, cloning cough!) that even Russia is kicking our butts. Evidence? Here’s a nifty video from our Siberian rivals friends.

What you saw there was the video of HTCs MAX 4G, a smartphone capable of download speeds up to 10Mps on Russia’s Yota Mobile WiMAX network. “The MAX 4G will support the Yota Video network and the device is capable of displaying up to nine TV channels simultaneously.” On top of the usual bells and whistles (bluetooth, WiFi, GPS), it also sports a five-megapixel camera and even an FM radio.

So when can you expect to see it?

The good news is that by the time it gets here to the United States (sometime next year), Sprint will have extended their WiMAX coverage over more cities than just Baltimore. Other carriers may even have WiMAX coverage extended over large areas of the US as well.

Another benefit of the wait? The current price tag on this baby runs around $1,000. Yes, a grand. While it may not go down in price too much once it’s finally released, odds are than competing phone companies could start developing a smartphone similar to HTCs fairly soon and at a better price. We’ll probably see alternatives start popping up next summer priced around $500 (maybe the next iPhone will be 4G enabled).

A great piece of technology, and yet a startling reminder that the US is going to have to work hard to reclaim its former title as technology Tzar of the world.

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