Robo Dev Kicks Off With Free Breakfast and a Speech From Microsoft's Tandy Trower

November 18 2008 / by John Heylin
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Robo Dev 2008 has kicked off with a free breakfast (yay!) and not free Wi-Fi (son of a…). Yep, in the heart of Silicon Valley and I had to shell out $13 to get internet for the day. But I’m not bitter (I’ll slash some tires on the way home today).

The first speaker of the day is Tandy Trower, General Manager of the Microsoft Robotics Group. He started off by saying “It’s hard for me to answer what exactly a robot is.” His presentation is about collaborating with parters in order to develop software to run robots on.

He showcased the Microsoft Robotics Studio which is a downloadable program that lets people design and program virtual robots. “Virtual robots are programmed the same way physical robots are.” His hope is that designers and programmers will build robots on their computers which can then be built in the real world.

By the way, although Tandy said he didn’t expect to see robots like the one above for another ten years, he says that you can expect to see it on the market next year for around $3,000. Anyone have spare pocket change?

Interesting Robot Fact

1. It’s wheels have other little wheels around it, allowing tires to move in any direction regardless of position.

2. It runs on Windows XP and dances to Britney Spears (ha).

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