Honda's New Fuel-Feedback System - Behavior Modification Applied to Real-Time Driving

November 27 2008 / by Alvis Brigis
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As sensors and computers continue to spread throughout the world they quantify our environment and offer the opportunity of real-time feedback.  Case in point is Honda's new "Ecological Drive Assist System for Enhanced Real World Fuel Economy", a sensor/display system that learns your driving style and conditions you to become a more ecologically conscious driver.

Here's what the interface will look like:

Honda Ecological Drive Assist System for Enhanced Real World Fuel Economy

And here's Honda's description of the new system:

TOKYO, Japan, November 20, 2008– Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced the development of the Ecological Drive Assist System, which combines three functions to enhance fuel economy: the ECON Mode utilizes harmonized control of the continuously variable transmission (CVT) and engine to support more fuel-efficient driving; the guidance function uses speedometer color to provide real-time guidance on fuel-efficient driving; and thescoring function provides feedback about current driving practices, as well as feedback on cumulative, long-term fuel-efficient driving.

The world’s first* system to combine these three functions in a comprehensive approach to fuel economy enhancement, the Ecological Drive Assist System will be implemented for the first time on the all-new Insight hybrid vehicle in spring 2009.

I expect that over the next few years we'll see many more such no-brainer feedback mechanisms, ranging from health monitors and virtual exercise trainers to more complex learning / behavior mod devices for long-term behavior of individuals, corporations and even other biological systems.  Perhaps the "next Google" will be a company that relies on such mechanisms to maximize project efficiency and allow coordinated work over vast distances.


Honda Ecological Drive Assist System for Enhanced Real World Fuel Economy

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  1. This is awesome. Americans, specifically, need being “green” to be made as easy as possible.

    Posted by: chelss28   November 29, 2008
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  2. I really like the look of the interface. Hopefully it isn’t too confusing or non-user friendly for other people. But I think that Honda really puts a lot of consideration into the technology so that way just everyone is able to understand the drive system.

    Posted by: christinep   December 02, 2008
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  3. I can see how turning driving into a type of “game” could be a way to make people save gas, look at how the Wii Fit is making people work out. But it’d suck if everytime you go up a hill your car makes you feel guilty by saying you’re burning tons of gas. Or what if you’re towing something? Maybe there should be a gyro which can tell at what angle your car is at so it can adjust the settings to what your cr is actually doing, not just the gas pedal.

    Posted by: John Heylin   December 03, 2008
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