Augmented Reality Pop-Up Books for the Kids

December 01 2008 / by Alvis Brigis / In association with Future
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"You can have children reading about Alice in Wonderland ... and Alice can pop out of the page, and have a tea party on the page."


Every amazing new technology needs to be wrapped in an equally elegant high-demand application if it is to diffuse past just the military on through the human masses.  Often the first killer app is targeted at youth (ie, Facebook, Club Penguin, MMORPGs), then gradually spreads upward to older generations that require more convincing and immediately useful applications.

When it comes to augmented reality, it's possible that a company called Mixed Reality Lab (MXR), a spin-off owned by the National University of Singapore, is on the verge of creating such a cross-over app: Virtual 3D Pop-ups for Children's Books. 

Coming on the heels of MXR's real-time augmented battlefield displays, the new Magic Books product aims to generate revenue from mommies and daddies who feeled compelled to get their kids interfacing with the most advanced new media.

There's no word yet on price, but if the Magic Books perform as well in RL as in the above video then MXR may well have a serious money-maker on its hands, which it then plans to follow up with an array on amazing products including augmented video conferencing and installations that let you "dance with Madonna".

You can check out the demo video here:

Comment Thread (2 Responses)

  1. First off, I need to point out that the video link doesn’t work. But that’s not really a big deal to me anyway.

    It seems like there is a lot of potential for this. I would think that kids would enjoy this because it’s brand new and it’s something that could be easily distracting. Basically, the concept of it has an oohh and awe factor. But the price would be an exceptional factor whether or not this is successful. It it costs way too much, a parent is not going to want to pay an outrageous amount of money for a pop-up book.

    Posted by: christinep   December 02, 2008
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  2. @ christinep – I fixed the link, so be sure the check out the vid, it’s pretty amazing.

    re: the market for such pop-up books – I totally agree. So long as prices come down, it’ll diffuse. Depending on what the final version looks like (whether it’s augmented through goggles or a computer screen) will make a big difference price-wise. But even consumer-affordable goggles don’t look too far off.

    Posted by: Alvis Brigis   December 02, 2008
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