Hovering Multiple Kill Vehicle Will Scare You To Death

December 09 2008 / by John Heylin
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If there's one thing that is guaranteed to make people crap their pants, it's a hovering hunk of machinery that shoots stuff.  Introducing the MKV-L by Lockheed Martin.

Luckily for bad guys this isn't for hovering into bunkers and obliterating everything in the house, but for knocking out incoming projectiles.

"The MKV-L mission is to destroy medium through intercontinental-range ballistic missiles equipped with multiple warheads or countermeasures by using a single interceptor missile. During an actual hostile ballistic missile attack, the carrier vehicle with its cargo of small kill vehicles will maneuver into the path of an enemy missile. Using tracking data from the Ballistic Missile Defense System and its own seeker, the carrier vehicle will dispense and guide the kill vehicles to destroy any warheads or countermeasures."

During the following test the MKV-L was able to hover under its own power, adjust to the target it was tracking, and transmitted video and flight path information to computers on the ground.

Not much to say on this, just 'holy crap' really.

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  1. Holy Crikes!! It’s the Hunter Seeker from Dune crossed with a Transformer.

    Posted by: memebox   December 10, 2008
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