Top Gear Tests Out the Honda Clarity, Says It Will Save the World

December 16 2008 / by John Heylin
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Top Gear recently test drove the Honda Clarity in Los Angeles and proclaimed with certainty that this car will be the most important one in 100 years.  The reason?  It runs on Hydrogen.

It looks like a normal car, drives like a normal car, fills up like a normal car, and its only by-product is water.  They also go on to say how the car may never have to be serviced since the engine has only one moving part.  It's crazy to think how much people are investing in hybrid or electric technologies (meaning plug-in cars) when a hydrogen-powered car will obliterate them all in the coming decade.

Now if we could just find an incredibly cheap way of making Hydrogen at home from air we'd be set.

Comment Thread (3 Responses)

  1. No doubt this is way better than electric cars. But as you mention, it’s difficult to obtain the hydrogen, and also very dangerous to produce, if I’m not mistaken. Hopefully more than the Honda folks will start looking into this; it seems like our best and most environmentally friendly option. After all, even producing electricity has by-products and somewhat negative effects.

    Posted by: Marc Cobb   December 17, 2008
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  2. There is only one minor problem with it… THERE ISN’T A SINGLE HYDROGEN STATION PRETTY MUCH ANYWHERE!

    Posted by: johnfrink   December 18, 2008
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  3. It fascinates me how the game is (finally) changing. As the charismatic English fellow eloquated, it’s less about the car than about the battery/fuel. I actually even like Leno in this. On his show he’s a tool, but in real life he has more going for him, apparently.

    Posted by: Adam Cutsinger   December 18, 2008
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