MIT develops innovative pilot wave power plant in Portugal

December 19 2008 / by Garry Golden
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MIT Wave Power

MIT researchers are working with a Portuguese group to design a pilot-scale device that will capture significantly more of the energy in ocean waves than existing systems.  The pilot plant will generate 750 kilowatts, roughly enough to power 750 homes.

Professor Chiang Mei and his colleagues have developed model simulations that can predict wave forces and guide design decisions to convert the captured mechanical energy to electrical energy.

"Given the future of conventional energy sources, we need lots of research on all kinds of alternative energy," Mei says. "Right now, wind energy and solar energy are in the spotlight because they've been developed for a longer time. With wave energy, the potential is large, but the engineering science is relatively young. We need to do more research."

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MIT Press Release

MIT Energy Initiative: MITEI website 

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