I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ten Tech Gadgets that We Want for Christmas

December 24 2008 / by christinep
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christmas pac man tree

Christmas is literally right around the corner.  And while it might be too late to get those gifts that the kids and grown-ups are longing for, it doesn’t hurt to think about that dream list.  So here it is, ten gadgets that we would have screamed for.  Maybe they’re underneath the tree waiting to be opened on Christmas morning or they’re still sitting in-store on the shelf, anyway it’s still fun to think of all the tech gadgets that we hope we’ll receive.

1.    Flip Video Mino HD: The holidays wouldn’t be the holidays without capturing memories of the season of giving.  Instead of looking back on hazy footage of the kids opening their gifts, why not look back on high definition quality footage?
2.    USB Mini Fridge: It’s a long day of sitting at your computer putting together the annual Christmas card.  What better way to ease that neck cramp with nice cold can of soda?  If the weather too cold for a soda, how bout a nice hot chocolate?  With a USB mini fridge, you can keep your drink cold or warm to your specific liking without getting up to get more ice or putting your cup in the microwave.
3.    Apple iPhone: We all know that iPod Touch is a tease to the iPhone.  Sure, you can get the application that allows you to use the Touch as a phone, but you have to have WiFi and a microphone connected.  It’s just not the same.

4.    Media Center PC:  Anyone can have the typical home theater setup and a desktop setup separate.  But it why not take it a step further and build that dream media center PC?  I can picture it, built-in DVR, cable tuner, all your videos and music connected to the perfect sound system, and to top it off all of your emulators and ROMs in one box.  It’s a perfect fusion of tech and entertainment to open up on Christmas morning.
5.    Sony PlayStation 3: The Nintendo Wii is made for just about everyone, but if you want something with a little more, think of the Sony PlayStation 3.  Blu-ray player, free online gaming, and some great games: this is a Sony fanboy’s dream.  Sure the Wii is more affordable, but do you really want to play a graphically amazing game like Metal Gear on a machine that doesn’t nearly have enough power to show off the 1080i resolution like the PS3?
6.    WiFi Detecting T-shirt: This shirt is able to detect WiFi signals.  What’s not great about it?  Laptop, PlayStation Portable, iPod Touch: by wearing this shirt you can now get some online function.  This shirt has the potential to be one of the best gifts ever.
7.    DIY Old School iPod Boombox: For the retro geek at heart, this boombox conjures up old memories of strutting down the street with stereo in tow.  It’s portable and it’s awesome in every way.
8.    USB Heated Gloves: The winter months are hard on everyone.  So if it’s too cold while your surfing the web, go ahead and plug in these USB heated gloves to warm your freezing hands.
9.    Vizio LCD Flat Panel:  A television set is one of the most common Christmas gifts.  There’s nothing wrong with getting a television set, especially if it’s a high definition flat screen.
10.    Archos 605 WiFi: For the person who is against the iPod, the Archos definitely delivers.  While the battery life isn’t as great, the features, such as the Adobe Flash enabled Opera Web browser and high definition video playback, more than make up for it.  That’s why, if the iPod isn’t underneath the tree, it won’t be a big deal as long as the Archos is sitting there.

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