5 Media Trends For 2009

January 03 2009 / by Jeff Hilford / In association with Future Blogger.net
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2009 promises to be a big year on the media landscape as next stage public adoption of online product will spur tremendous growth.  Here are 5 things to watch for:

  • Tweet!  Twitter explodes and joins the parade - MySpace --> YouTube --> Facebook --> Twitter - as an elite meme that everybody has heard of.  In the process it requisitely transforms into a corporate tool and attracts an older demographic cohort. pewinter1.png
  • Online Advertising Hangs Tough  Despite all of the end times rhetoric, online advertising actually increases 10%.  The efficiency of the web is wreaking havoc on traditional media.  Companies still need to advertise their products and eyeballs are continuing to flock to the web.  Bang for the buck and big metrics make web media undeniably compelling.
  • The Future Gets Hot  The present stinks and people will turn their attention elsewhere.  While many will pine for a return to the past they will be forced to look ahead.  The doom and gloom of the economic meltdown and global warming combined with the incredible pace of technological change provide a fertile backdrop for projection.  ABC's 2100, Discovery's 2057 and plenty of content about the next decade will push this meme to the forefront.  Sweet.  
  • Web 2.0 Goes Mainstream  Social networking, internet as news source, broadband penetration, smart phones, cloud computing and RSS hit cascading tipping points.  The net effect is mainstream adoption of web 2.0.  Much to the chagrin of the early birds who have "moved on".
  • Corporations Experiment More With Social Media  People are increasingly going to the internet for news, content and community. They don't like corporate blogs.  But the corporations like them.  As a result, companies will look for new ways to engage consumers and will continue to experiment with blogs and other community websites. Digital Nomads/Dell is a good example of something that might work.   

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