Microsoft releases awful viral product video, but has solid vision of augmenting creativity

January 14 2009 / by Garry Golden
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Bloggers agree that this might be the worst viral software product video ever to hit the web. But maybe that was Microsoft's plan - generate buzz with cheesy singing and acting to feature its new song-writing software program Song Smith

Augmenting Creativity

Microsoft is using its Research and Live Labs divisions to extend the applications of software beyond business environments.  Song Smith is not the end game.  It is the beginning of a new age of software that augments real-time creativity using complex algorithms and databases of things like sound, rhythm, color, texture, design, et al. Microsoft has also released Kodu a software program that teaches children how to visually program new games.

Forget about Microsoft's future operating systems.  What is their vision of software for learning and creativity as we enter a Post PC era of touch and voice interfaces, plus networked objects with sensors and microcontrollers?

Microsoft's founding vision was 'a PC on every desk'. 

Is their new vision 'software (or algorithms) driving every creative act'?

Shorter 'Coffee' shop version - Below
Song Smith on YouTube


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  1. I actually liked their Vista campaign with Jerry Seinfield and Bill Gates. These Songsmith adverts are terrible, though.

    Yes, I think that’s their goal, Garry. However, this augmentation will help anyone with the creation process. So, if you have a great tune you want to produce and you’re not in a band, this is a great opportunity.

    Posted by: Covus   January 17, 2009
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