GE Kicks-Off Futuristic Eco-magination Campaign with Elegant Superbowl Commercial

February 02 2009 / by Alvis Brigis / In association with Future
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We're just a month into 2009 and it already looks like Jeff Hilford's prediction that the future will become a big media topic this year is coming true. 

Hilford: The present stinks and people will turn their attention elsewhere.  While many will pine for a return to the past they will be forced to look ahead.  The doom and gloom of the economic meltdown and global warming combined with the incredible pace of technological change provide a fertile backdrop for projection.

Watching last night's Superbowl with a group of friends, my fractured attention was thoroughly captrured by the following GE ecomagination commercial featuring non other than a "wired" version of The Wizard of Oz's scarecrow dancing atop an electric sub-station:

From the Spot: Smart Grid technology from GE will make the way we distribute energy more efficient simply by making it more intelligent.

The ad succeeds at bridging technology with familiar non-threatening themes already loaded into our cultural consciousness.  Clearly it is meant to sychronize with the Obama administration's recent and mounting rhetoric about smarter national infrastructure and influence how the latest $900 billion economic stimulus dollars will be spent.

It's also indicative of an impending shift to new industry that players like Google, IBM, Cisco and Johnson Controls (add GE = The Futuristic 5?) have been chomping at the bit for.

Now that their primary opponents are largely out of office, out of money or out of political capital they have found themselves in the sweet spot of generational change, a once-in-a-lifetime situation where they are uniquely suited to grab the reins of business and have already been offered a seat at the table

No doubt they are also working to more broadly synchronize their forward-looking PR as they band together to make change, a strategy that will result in more of what Hilford has predicted.

Fueled by an increasingly unpleasant present, it looks like media's getting back to the future in 2009.  And what a cool place - a chrome Emerald City at the end of a clearly marked yellow brick road.

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