Myrl Launches Social Networking for Avatars

March 21 2008 / by Marisa Vitols / In association with Future
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Making friends in virtual worlds is pretty hit-or-miss. Unless you’re at a specific event, you have no idea what kind of person you’re bound to bump into. To make matters worse, approaching someone requires a bit of bravery. Interacting from behind a computer screens helps, but virtual worlds are so life-like that talking to someone out of the blue takes some level of courage. Dare ask someone their real name? Blasphemy!

This morning Virtual Worlds News reported the launch of a London-based social network for the metaverse called Myrl. Created in an effort to allow users to “worldshop,” as founder and CEO Francesco D’Orazio put it, Myrl intends to knock down the barriers that make virtual worlds so exclusive from one another.

Even in its early stages, Myrl has much to offer when trying to find like-minded users/avatars. Think of it as Facebook for the Metaverse – you can post pics, share favorite places and slurls, promote your virtual start-up, make friends, and even earn “Karma” points the more you interact with others. According to TechCrunch UK, Myrl currently supports users from Second Life and, but plans to continually expand and create relationships with numerous other virtual worlds.

This social network and others of its kind will surely result in a more seamless metaverse experience for all – and allow those of us with shy avatars to finally make some friends. :)
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