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April 08 2008 / by Alvis Brigis / In association with Future
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Virtual Worlds News reports that an alliance of metaversally focused scholars is poised to launch a new academic publication called the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, an “online, open access, peer-reviewed, transdisciplinary, academic journal, which engages established and emerging scholars from anywhere in the world.”

The new site should serve as a nice complement to the already invaluable Terra Nova, a blog by committee of industry experts that has been been discussing the MMOG and Virtual World terrain for some time now, and the increasingly valuable Virtual Worlds News which does a great job reporting the most ground-breaking metaverse industry items.

The Journal of Virtual Worlds has put out a call for papers related (but not limited) to the following topics:

- development of new metaphors for visualizing and interacting effectively with rich information spaces
- governance and taxation diversity
- methodologies of research in virtual worlds
- education in virtual worlds, virtual worlds in education, virtual worlds in the classroom, virtual worlds as pedagogical tools, curriculum in virtual worlds


- macro questions concerning the history and lineage of the development of virtual worlds technologies and concepts
- what is the future of virtual worlds and/or virtual worlds research
- what is the relationship between gaming, non-gaming, and not-quite-gaming spaces? and, how does this affect the field of study of virtual worlds? should they be examined together or separately?
- the mechanics of virtual worlds
- the social dynamics of virtual worlds
- identity and power issues in virtual worlds
- the relationship between virtual worlds and cultural and/or society in the ”;;real world”;;
- formation of virtual world cultural
- economics in virtual worlds
- issues of privacy, copyright, ownership of work, and workers rights
- the relationship between the online and offline, the real and the virtual
- qualitative, quantitative, experimental, exploratory research
- virtual geography and its relationship to social and physical geography;
- peer-to-peer network in virtual worlds technology
- role-playing and fantasy in virtual worlds
- virtual achievement

The advent of such a publication reinforces the notion that virtual worlds are diffusing rapidly and will play an increasingly significant role in the near-term.

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