Chronicles of Extreme Future Part 5: Utopia

May 02 2008 / by Fictionthis / In association with Future
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Underwater cities have been a dream of futurists. Starting from Atlantis to the evasive Captain Nemo.

The first underwater built city in Dubai was a scientific breakthrough. Located just off the coast of the man made “World” islands, it was the first under water facility capable of sustaining prolonged life under water. It was built in the shallow waters, merely ten meters from the surface allowing plenty of natural light to seep through.

At first air was pumped from the outside until a new air harvesting technology called “air farming” was adopted in 2020. Air farming is literally a network of fields of sea plants, saturated with pumps and filtering systems, extracting and transporting air to the underwater city. The switch from external to internal air came in 2022 which introduced a new era of development under water. It was later discovered that air produced and extracted straight from the ocean was so beneficial to human health that the underwater cities quickly became the preferred choice for the rich and famous. Nicknamed “Utopia”, it became the centre of the scientific advancement. (cont.)

By 2035 the city had quadrupled in size and more cities started to appear around the globe. By the year 2050 more then 20 million people permanently dwelled under water. Thanks to the progress of the underwater cities traveling between vast expanses of water became easy due to the vacuum tubes stretching for miles, ferrying modules in speeds of 500 miles per hour with virtually no sound. Funnily enough a new religion started to flourish lately taking over popular Scientology and renaming it “Cruiseology”.

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