The Virtual Worlds Blitz is Coming

March 03 2008 / by Alvis Brigis / In association with Future
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Chris Sherman over at Virtual World News noted yesterday that there are so many virtual world start-ups in stealth-mode that he’s lost count.

“They range in focus from virtual goods and economies to lifelogging to 2d and 3d virtual world destinations to platforms and tools companies and more,” points out Sherman, the producer of the steadily growing Virtual Worlds conference series.

Not only are myriad start-ups getting into the virtual frenzy, so are corporate giants like Google.

All this activity nicely reinforces a DFC estimate that virtual world revenues will reach 6 billion $ annually by 2012.

Even with the slowing growth of Second Life, it’s easy to imagine that between Spore, MetaPlace, Multiverse, Club Penguin, Google, Microsoft, Sony and all of the little guys, it won’t be all that hard to hit that 6 billion $ target.

Check back tomorrow for an in-depth interview with Jerry Paffendorf, co-founder of Wello Horld, one of the stealth start-ups mentioned by Sherman.

What will be the biggest virtual world in 2010?

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Comment Thread (3 Responses)

  1. virtual worlds are fun as games, and gaining value for education. it’ll be great when the graphics are super-high resolution and photorealistic (like video games are becoming), and you can navigate them without lag time. i think they’ll draw a lot more attention if a big social network like facebook goes 3D and enters the VW space

    Posted by: Venessa Posavec   March 03, 2008
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  2. My experience is limited to SecondLife, but I’ve never viewed virtual worlds as games. I’ve been to awesome lectures, some beautifully designed islands and phenomenal art exhibits – in fact, I’ve never actually “played” while in a VW… it’s always either been socializing or attending an event. Therefore I see virtual words as venues full of opportunity, rather than just places to go in your free time. Social networks will go virtual, but that’s almost too simple. I think the real value is indicated when things like embassies go virtual, like the Estonian a few months ago, and when entire cities are created virtually to scale so I can go to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl while in snowy NY.

    However, I do agree that it’ll be nice when they look more realistic and especially when we’re not navigating via a keyboard.

    Posted by: Marisa Vitols   March 03, 2008
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  3. I agree with you both. I love the open-ended nature of VWs but also would like to experience richer environments and be able to play games that I find fun inside of them. Ideally, both these worlds would overlap and it would be up to the user to choose their desired experience.

    I’d like ot see Second Life develop more fun infrastructure. I think that’d result in a stickier experience and provide a great backdrop for the open ended stuff.

    Posted by: Alvis Brigis   March 04, 2008
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