Google's battle vs. Apple begins: Killer Android Apps

September 02 2008 / by Garry Golden / In association with Future
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Forget about Google vs. Microsoft, the King of Search is building its foundation for conquering the mobile web experience and introducing software services that go far beyond desktop based keyword searches. Welcome to Google’s platform of the future – Android.

The future battle for consumer ‘web apps’ might heat up faster on smart mobile devices than desktops. This puts Google in direct competition with the iPhone and its App Store. But Google must move quickly to secure relationships with handset makers, and it needs developers to fall in love with the Android platform.

Last week, Google announced its winners of the first round of Android platform applications that include: cab4me’s one-click call to local cab services based on your location, CompareEverywhere’s camera bar code based price comparison, Ecorio’s automatic calculations of your carbon footprint, Breadcrumb’s picture based map creator, and PiggyBack’s car-pooling and ride-sharing application. These applications give users much more than simple search results. They help synchronize our lives and bring the web into the real world.

These apps and others will be part of Google’s Android Marketplace -an open content distribution system that will help end users find, purchase, download and install various types of content on their Android-powered devices.

The next two years will be an exciting time for mobile apps as mainstream Internet experiences evolve from websites to web services- and from desktops to mobile devices. The role of next generation mobile software services could be the key to success. Apple understands this future reality, but Google is not standing still- and Steve Jobs will be watching.

Comment Thread (4 Responses)

  1. Oh man the next year is going to be incredible. I’m working on my own Android and iPhone App right now. The fur is going to fly for sure between Apple and Google.

    Posted by: John Heylin   September 02, 2008
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  2. Call me an iPhone App Store fanboy, but I think the iPhone will be superior in the quality of its applications compared to Android’s new web-service. I’m sure anything that can be created on Android can be created on the iPhone.

    I’ve never been a fan of Google’s open-source attempts. Some of been successful but others have fell flat.

    Posted by: Covus   September 02, 2008
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  3. Yes.. it will be exciting. And Covus—Apple is definitely not in a corner. Software is their game—and they are the clear leader. We’ll see how Android’s open source strategy works- and others that emerge. Competition will be a good thing! And I’m sure other platforms will emerge…

    Posted by: Garry Golden   September 03, 2008
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  4. I myself feel like such a putz. Google says jump and boy do I jump. I can’t help but feel some sort of warmth in what Google does, it’s kinda sad. Even though it hasn’t come out yet I already feel myself crushing hard for Android (although I’m not a fan of Chrome, Firefox for life baby).

    Posted by: martymcfly   September 04, 2008
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