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September 22 2008 / by memebox / In association with Future
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What does the future of energy look like in the 21st century? Which elements will remain the same? Which emerging technologies might reinvent how we look at energy? Most importantly, how quickly might things change?

Dear Future Blogger Readers,

In case you haven’t already clicked on the new button in our right-hand column,, Your Forum for the Future, is proud to point you in the direction of The Energy Roadmap. Edited by energy industry futurist Garry Golden (who we’re thrilled to have officially join the MemeBox team), the new blog/site focuses on the most disruptive ideas poised to transform the energy industry over the next decade and beyond.

“The Energy Roadmap aims to bridge the gap between emerging energy technology and deeply rooted accelerating change,” says MemeBox CEO Jeff Hilford, “Garry’s professional background in energy and futures studies will open up new conversations on the future of energy. We are very pleased to add his unique voice to the mix.”

The sheer scale of the energy industry means that most changes will happen gradually, but the sector is not immune to the power of disruptive technologies, accelerating change and entrepreneurial business models. The Energy Roadmap seeks to place these dynamics into the proper context around some of the biggest ideas shaping the future:

- Role of carbon pricing schemes
- Impact of nanoscale materials science and engineering
- Role of biology in energy production and carbon utilization (e.g. algae biofuels)
- Energy storage and distributed power generation (e.g. micro-power, on-site power generation)
- Role of software and power management systems for ‘smart grids’
- Evolution of the Hydrocarbon Industry (coal, petroleum and natural gas)
- Next generation renewables, nuclear, wave, geothermal, and beyond
- Reducing energy intensity of industrial processes (e.g. chemicals, agriculture, materials manufacturing)
- Growing influence of venture capital and energy entrepreneurs

“Energy has become synonymous with the future,” points out Garry Golden, Editor of The Energy Roadmap, “Global demand for energy will double in only a few decades. Incremental improvements will simply not be enough to meet increasing expectations for clean and abundant energy. And we expect disruptive energy systems to emerge from the convergence of new science, technology and business models. The Energy Roadmap is the first blog explicitly devoted to this structured debate about the future of energy.

While other blogs focus on green energy or specific aspects of the industry, The Energy Roadmap takes a more comprehensive approach, focusing on all aspects of energy production, storage and distribution. Daily insights focus on energy breakthroughs happening across the world from research labs to boardrooms to our homes and offices. The source of disruptive change will likely come from the interaction between energy and other areas like nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, cross-cultural development, technology diffusion, and new regulatory environments. This cross-disciplinary approach is essential to the more accurate exploration of the possible paths energy evolution may take.

“Energy is one of the key issues of our time,” says MemeBox President Alvis Brigis, “By attacking from all angles, we have established the conditions necessary to advance public discussion of the domain. This is a golden opportunity (pardon the pun!) to systematically explore one major aspect of the future.”

As part of the growing MemeBox Future Network, which also includes Future Scanner and Future Blogger, The Energy Roadmap will incorporate the broadest range of future-related information currently available on the web. Running on the the same content platform, its doors will be open to submissions by industry professionals, energy scholars, energy bloggers, professional and amateur futurists alike. The top submissions will appear on either the Future Blogger or The Energy Roadmap main pages ( where they will gain additional exposure and further advance the dialogue about our future.

Go check it out!

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  1. Am already loving it! (But then again I am seriously biased.) :)

    Posted by: Alvis Brigis   September 22, 2008
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  2. Great idea. Glad to have a source and a place so share concerns with serious people. Thanks. Bigda

    Posted by: Bigda   September 23, 2008
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    Posted by: airpower   February 06, 2009
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