Meet Fring, the Destroyer of Cellular Companies

October 06 2008 / by John Heylin / In association with Future
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A new application for the iPhone and iTouch allows users to make free phone calls using Skype, Google Talk, ICQ, Yahoo and various other social platforms. It’s called Fring.

Not only can you talk to people for free (you need an internet connection and they also need the application), but it combines all your contacts from the different social networks into one easy to locate place. “Fring leverages your handset’s internet connection to empower you with mobility and availability as never before, integrating all contacts into one searchable buddy list and all your online applications into one ever-growing catalog of services.” By making it easy to contact all of your friends, Fring has in effect taken the next step towards free communication.

So what could be the end result?

For starters, with wireless technology advancing more and more each day (there already exist one Gigabyte per second wireless transmitters) it’s starting to seem like the role of a cellular carrier is drastically going to change. Carriers may have to end their services and focus primarily on selling smartphones.

It could come to the point where the entire cellular network is switched over to wireless internet (like how the oil industry is trying to adapt to the next big energy market by researching alternative energies) and your monthly bill would just be for the wireless internet coverage. In that case, cellular companies would have services much like their cellphone coverage today.

The only way that we could finally get rid of the cost of paying cellular bills lies in the hope that someday we may get national wireless internet. With more and more cities switching over to free public Wi-Fi (heck, the UN is trying to make internet access a Human Right), it seems only natural that possibly in the next decade we’ll see free phone calls becoming a reality.

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  1. Awesome. It’s about time that someone figured out and marketed 3G-VOIP. This will be essential for developing regions like Africa and will help immensely with handset diffusion. – Move over $100 laptop – robust 3G is here.

    Posted by: Alvis Brigis   October 07, 2008
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  2. @Alvis

    You still need your cell company for 3G. I think the poster makes a point that free Wi-Fi services will make it possible to make free calls and everything else without cell companies.

    Posted by: johnfrink   October 07, 2008
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