Video Montage: Arthur C. Clarke's Uncanny Space Prediction Accuracy

March 21 2008 / by Accel Rose / In association with Future
Category: Space   Year: General   Rating: 8

Here’s an awesome video montage illustrating the late great Arthur C. Clarke’s uncanny space predictions. It goes to show how much the world needs great sci-fi minds for critical scenario construction so that we may build and live into our dreams.

Arthur C. Clarke's Video Reflections, Future Hopes

March 19 2008 / by Alvis Brigis / In association with Future
Category: Space   Year: General   Rating: 7

Sci-fi pioneer and mega-mind Arthur C. Clarke, author of 2001: A Space Oddyssey and prophet of the space age, whose extra-terrestrial tales affected the minds of millions and the course of our history, passed away yesterday at the age of 90. He was not saddened by the thought of his departure, unlike many of us whose imaginations were greatly influenced by his work and optimism, and left us with some final video reflections that he recorded on his birthday in December.

Choice excerpts include:

“I’m very fortunate to have seen many of my dreams come true. Growing up in the 1920’s and 30’s I never expected to see so much happen.”

“I still can’t quite believe that we just marked the 50th anniversary of the space age. We’ve accomplished a great amount in that time, but the Golden Age of space is just beginning.”

“Space travel and space tourism will one day become almost as commonplace as flying to exotic destinations on our own planet.”

“Technology tools help us to gather and disseminate information. But we also need qualities like tolerance and compassion to achieve greater understanding between peoples and nations.” (cont.)

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Video: Alvin Toffler, Larry Smarr on Legacy of Arthur C. Clarke

April 03 2008 / by Marisa Vitols / In association with Future
Category: Culture   Year: General   Rating: 2

“Sometimes I feel like the late Dr Frankenstein,” once said celebrated science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke. Although he was not being entirely serious, Clarke’s powerful predictions did release a sort of monster – one whose powerful memes penetrated many aspects of society and will continue to spiral out of control far into the future.

In the wake of his passing, Clarke’s predictions have been highlighted for their genius and accuracy. The following video, created for Ovation TV, is a great overview of some of his most exalted predictions, which include inventions like the videophone, email, space shuttles, laptop computers and cloning, and explains how he is “responsible for revolutionizing modern communications.” What follows this overview is commentary by renowned experts informing the weight of Clarke’s predictions.

Alvin Toffler, acclaimed futurist and author of Future Shock, said, “The future is not inevitable, it is made, to a considerable degree by human beings, and chance plays a role. Nevertheless, it is possible to see patterns that others haven’t seen. And I think that is certainly something that Arthur Clarke has done.”

Larry Smarr, Director of the National Centre for Super Computing, remarked the rarity and utility of Clarke’s work by saying, “We have incredible numbers of specialists, but how many people do we have that are synthesizing this knowledge and visioning the future?”

“Clark will emerge as one of the greatest visionaries of the 20th century,” added Jeff Greenwald of Wired Magazine – I think it’s safe to say that even among the moderately informed, few would disagree with this statement about Clarke’s legacy.