New Virtual World Makes Kids Do Real Life Chores

March 05 2008 / by Venessa Posavec / In association with Future
Category: Metaverse   Year: 2008   Rating: 5

Can’t get little Johnny to do his chores? Try using a virtual world as a parenting tool to instill the Protestant work ethic in him.

A California-based company, Handipoints, just launched an online community to make work fun. Targeting kids aged 4-12, the community already has 140,000 users. Parents can set up online chore charts and an allowance program, and kids earn points for completing real world tasks. They can then use those points to unlock characters and games in the virtual world, called HandiLand, or save up points in exchange for whatever rewards the parents have chosen.

Virtual worlds aren’t just about games anymore. Now kids can be motivated to do their chores, learn economics, and understand that nothing in life is free.

It’s all part of an emerging trend as virtual worlds are being used as platforms for all kinds of innovations.