5 Big Implications of YouTube's New Govt Channels

January 12 2009 / by Alvis Brigis / In association with Future Blogger.net
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Spurred in large part by Barack Obama's unprecedented and extraordinarily successful new media campaign, other national politicians are quickly following suit by embracing YouTube's new dedicated channels for U.S. Senators and House Representatives.

Here's the official word from the YouTube blog:

As the 111th Congress kicks into gear, many of your elected leaders are starting their own YouTube channels. They're posting videos direct from their Washington offices, as well as clips of floor speeches and committee hearings alongside additional behind-the-scenes footage from Capitol Hill. And in conjunction with both the House and Senate, we're launching two new platforms that will help you access your Senator and Representatives' YouTube channels: The Senate Hub (youtube.com/senatehub) and The House Hub (youtube.com/househub).

Though this may not seem like something altogether world-changing considering the explosive use of YouTube, even among politicians, this transition to web content is a rather big deal for several reasons:

1. Selection of the Savvy: Just as the transition to television helped bring telegenic communicators like Kennedy to power, the transition to web video and social media will negatively impact those politicians that are slow to understand, adopt and maximize the use of new technologies.  Suvival of the fittest politician will now require new media aptitude and staff atmposphere.

2. More Powerful Communities: National politicians have already figured out how to take advantage of fleets of interns (last time I visited The Hill on a video shoot Blackburn seemed to have 20+ interns at his disposal) that will work for reputation.  Now imagine how that will scale online.  Candidates who figure out how to build large communities of powerful supporters, idea generators and viral content drivers will have a big edge in campaigns and also in the governing process.  Those that can grow the largest, most effective team (we're talking thousands of hard core supporters and interns) will first win the media wars and then the overall effectiveness wars.

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U.S. House Energy & Commerce Committee Holding Hearing on Virtual Worlds

March 28 2008 / by Alvis Brigis / In association with Future Blogger.net
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On the heels of Singapore’s announcement that it plans to throw some serious money at the development of mixed-reality applications the slower U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce has scheduled a hearing on the issues surrounding virtual worlds.

The session, titled Online Virtual Worlds: Applications and Avatars in a User-Generated Medium, will be held April 1 at 9:30 a.m. and live webcast streamed for those who wish to view the proceedings from home (or at work). It seems likely that the potential economic value, catalytic effects and security ramifications of user populated virtual worlds will be discussed. No doubt this is just the beginning of broader federal recognition of the power of this rapidly diffusing new medium.

I will be eager to see what transpires and then to discuss the ramifications here and with all of the virtual world officionados converging at Virtual Worlds 2008 next week.

(via Virtual Worlds News)