Teen Millionaire Trend Continues

March 31 2008 / by Marisa Vitols / In association with Future Blogger.net
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John (17) and Patrick (19) Collison of Limerick, Ireland are the latest in a growing number of millionaire teens. Launched just last summer, their web software company Auctomatic.com sold for about $5 million, reported The Irish Times. Their venture “provides web-based software for heavy users of the eBay auction site which enables them to manage inventory more efficiently” and was made possible through funding from Silicon Valley incubator Y Combinator.

To inform this new generation of go-getters, Greg Muller of The Age explains that “Citizen 2.0 is today’s teenager, born in a connected world, accustomed to rapid change and possessing unique information-age skills. Citizen 2.0 will challenge any organisation selling products, services or ideas in the future.”


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Kids and Tweens in Virtual Worlds - VW '08 Panel Take-Aways

April 07 2008 / by Alvis Brigis / In association with Future Blogger.net
Category: Metaverse   Year: General   Rating: 7

Virtual worlds for kids are an exploding market. But what do they mean for our youth and for the future of our society?

I just had the pleasure to sit through a Virtual Worlds 2008 session titled Kids and Tweens: Why Virtual Worlds Are The New Saturday Morning TV during which a panel of experts shared their thoughts on the rise of virtual worlds as the primary form of entertainment for our youth, exhibiting what moderator Richard Gottlieb labeled as a “sense of overwhelming optimism” about the growing industry.

The following are my favorite bytes and take-aways:

Jason Root, Senior Vice President, Digital, Nick.Com And Nick At Nite.Com asserted that “gaming is the new programming that kids gravitate to”, adding that Nickelodeon views it and virtual worlds “as a logical extension to the web space” and not a replacement for narrative television programming. “That leads kids into a new open-ended experience,” said Root, noting that what’s emerging is an audience “that hungers for both linear and non-linear content.”

Kenneth Locker, Senior Vice President, Digital Media, Cookie Jar Entertainment explained that virtual world experience producers “don’t create content, they create context”, meaning that the goal is to facilitate a variety of sticky open-ended experiences rather than passive consumption. “TV is a top-down medium,” he concluded, “The internet has no beginning, middle or end.”


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