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February 26 2008 / by Alvis Brigis / In association with Future Blogger.net
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“I look to the future because that’s where I’m going to spend the rest of my life.”
George Burns, late great cigar smoking comedian

As a species, we just can’t get ahead.

Despite the many innovations that have bettered humans’ ability to look into the future, the ongoing convergence of these technologies and information structures has accelerated the pace of change, making it harder for us to imagine what’s just around the corner. New blogs (Tech Crunch, Mashable, Gizmodo), trend trackers (TechMeme, Buzz Market, Trendio) and prediction markets (Inkling, Predictify, Zii Trend) are useful and necessary attempts to claim back our forecasting advantage. Adding to such efforts is the brand new Future Blogger, a site that aims to take discussion of the wider future to the next level.

On behalf of the Future Blogger team: Welcome!!

Future Blogger is a blog network focused on exploring ground-breaking information related to the future. The site combines rich top-down reporting and images with broad bottom-up content generated by a community with diverse interests. Experts and amateurs alike can contribute predictions, scenarios, trend analyses, future fiction, illustrations, videos and any other future-related content. Guided by a community feedback system, the best posts are funneled to the top, to the front page and a broader audience, where they receive increased community feedback. These posts are also submitted to Future Scanner, a future-focused digg-clone that both amplifies the signal of Future Blogger and serves as a valuable resource for future bloggers working on new posts.

All that being said, what does all of this mean for you, the future-interested web surfer?

For one, you can regularly check out the main pages of both Future Blogger and Future Scanner to quickly get an overview of the wild future ahead of us. Go deeper by filtering content by future year and category or by exploring other posts by your favorite future bloggers. And make sure to take advantage of our various RSS feeds and Facebook widget if you’re pressed for time.

It’s also easy (and free) to open an account that lets you comment, vote, submit cool links and keep track of your favorite content. Taking a moment to setup a MemeBox account will not only help organize your simulation of the future, it will serve to incorporate your feedback into the broader site, helping shape the overall direction and content.

For those of you looking to contribute memes to the global future dialogue, there’s no better place to post your thoughts, predictions, illustrations and scenarios than Future Blogger. Whether you’re an established writer looking to extend your reach, or an up-and-coming thinker seeking feedback and an audience, teaming with the Future Blogger community is a win-win proposition. You can easily submit original or cross-posted content through your user account to engage an active future-focused community.

Together, Future Blogger and Future Scanner represent a new method for imagining the future ahead of us. As Burns said, we’re all going to spend the rest of our lives there, so it’s important that we better our simulation of what’s coming next. We’re psyched that you’ve ventured our way and hope you’ll stick around as we build a valuable resource and thread together visions of the possible tomorrows ahead of us.

Holler at Your Future-Focused Boys & Girls, -vis

And the weekly MemeBox awards go to...

March 02 2008 / by Marisa Vitols / In association with Future Blogger.net
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Here at MemeBox, Sunday is the day we look back at all of the Future Blogger posts and Future Scanner submissions in an effort to distill and condense the best of what you, the community, have contributed to the site and the broader world throughout the previous 7 days.

My favorite part of this process is the doling out of our weekly contributor awards. So, without further ado, the community kudos go to:

Future Scanner of the Week: juldrich – for scans including 57 Years is Now Just 41 Days, Solar’s Long-Term Forecast is Sunny, and The Future of the Airline Industry.

Future Blogger of the Week: futuretalk – for posts including Robot Consciousness, Regenerative Medicine, and Molecular Nanotech promises increased wealth and longer life.

For more from these MemeBox award winners, check out juldrich’s blog Jump the Curve and futuretalk’s blog Positive Futurist for more awesome content!

Future Scan of the Week: Computers See Diseases Written All Over Your Face by Austra Zubkovs

Future Blogger Post of the Week: What is an iPlant? by iPlant

Congratulations and thank you for contributing!

Of course, a big thank you is also in order for everyone who helped make Week #1 a great success. We’ve been delighted by the response and the terrific quality of the information that you’ve shared. On behalf of everyone at MemeBox Central: Danke Schön!

Stay tuned as we continue to develop the site, fix bugs and add more and more dynamic content. Be sure to shoot me any suggestions that you may have so that we may more effectively build a resource that best suits your needs.

Marisa is the MemeBox Community Manager. She can be contacted at marisa[at]memebox.com

Video: Memeboxing

September 27 2008 / by VenessaMiemis / In association with Future Blogger.net
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How does one memebox? Let the robots show you….

MemeBox Launches The Energy Roadmap Blog

September 22 2008 / by memebox / In association with Future Blogger.net
Category: Energy   Year: General   Rating: 6 Hot

What does the future of energy look like in the 21st century? Which elements will remain the same? Which emerging technologies might reinvent how we look at energy? Most importantly, how quickly might things change?

Dear Future Blogger Readers,

In case you haven’t already clicked on the new button in our right-hand column, MemeBox.com, Your Forum for the Future, is proud to point you in the direction of The Energy Roadmap. Edited by energy industry futurist Garry Golden (who we’re thrilled to have officially join the MemeBox team), the new blog/site focuses on the most disruptive ideas poised to transform the energy industry over the next decade and beyond.

“The Energy Roadmap aims to bridge the gap between emerging energy technology and deeply rooted accelerating change,” says MemeBox CEO Jeff Hilford, “Garry’s professional background in energy and futures studies will open up new conversations on the future of energy. We are very pleased to add his unique voice to the mix.”

The sheer scale of the energy industry means that most changes will happen gradually, but the sector is not immune to the power of disruptive technologies, accelerating change and entrepreneurial business models. The Energy Roadmap seeks to place these dynamics into the proper context around some of the biggest ideas shaping the future:

- Role of carbon pricing schemes
- Impact of nanoscale materials science and engineering
- Role of biology in energy production and carbon utilization (e.g. algae biofuels)
- Energy storage and distributed power generation (e.g. micro-power, on-site power generation)
- Role of software and power management systems for ‘smart grids’
- Evolution of the Hydrocarbon Industry (coal, petroleum and natural gas)
- Next generation renewables, nuclear, wave, geothermal, and beyond
- Reducing energy intensity of industrial processes (e.g. chemicals, agriculture, materials manufacturing)
- Growing influence of venture capital and energy entrepreneurs

“Energy has become synonymous with the future,” points out Garry Golden, Editor of The Energy Roadmap, “Global demand for energy will double in only a few decades. Incremental improvements will simply not be enough to meet increasing expectations for clean and abundant energy. And we expect disruptive energy systems to emerge from the convergence of new science, technology and business models. The Energy Roadmap is the first blog explicitly devoted to this structured debate about the future of energy.

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Scenario Land: Bringing the Future to Life through Fiction & Scenarios

October 15 2008 / by Alvis Brigis / In association with Future Blogger.net
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Hello All & Welcome to Scenario Land!

Ever since I got hip to the reality of accelerating change I’ve been working to bridge that understanding to the masses. My string of efforts have included blogging, working with the Acceleration Studies Foundation on their powerful conference series and Metaverse Roadmap Project:, pitching TV shows about the future (in addition to Augmented Reality space adventures – think Big Brother meets Space Balls), and co-launching MemeBox with fellow futurist Jeff Hilford.

And now the real fun begins…

This blog, Scenario Land, is the culmination of my burning drive to make futurism more accessible to the people who just don’t have the time nor the interest to pore through awesome books like Mega Trends, The Fourth Turning, and The Singularity is Near. The intent is to strike a balance between entertainment and technical trend analysis, establishing a portal where creative and critical thinkers alike can engage the future together.

It’s a place where you can fearlessly share your thoughts on the world of tomorrow. Whether your strength lies in narrative story-telling, essay writing, illustration, composite imaging, comics, video, machinima or elsewhere, Scenario Land is a broadcast platform that can amplify your visions of the future. If you’ve got a big imagination and a desire to debate the road ahead, this is the place to make that happen.

I plan on using it to evolve my simulation of the future and sincerely hope you will do the same.

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Blending Entertainment & Futurism, Scenario Land Joins MemeBox's Future Blogger Network

October 15 2008 / by memebox / In association with Future Blogger.net
Category: Other   Year: 2008   Rating: 3

MemeBox is proud to announce the launch of Scenario Land. Edited by futurist and Future Blogger co-editor Alvis Brigis, the new site tackles the future head-on through a provocative blend of speculative fiction and plausible trend-informed scenarios.

“Striking the balance between entertainment and empirical futurism, Scenario Land is a place where creative and critical thinkers alike can engage the future,” says Brigis, “Whether your strength lies in narrative story-telling, essay writing, illustration, composite imaging, comics, video, machinima or elsewhere, Scenario Land is a great outlet for sharing and debating visions of our future.”

As a branch of MemeBox’s FutureBlogger network, Scenario Land overlaps with other future-focused sister blogs including The Energy Roadmap (theenergyroadmap.com) and Future of Gadgets (launching soon). This unique system allows Scenario Land to retain a unique voice while also amplifying reach and inviting valuable perspectives from other niche focus areas.

“Change is accelerating, making it increasingly difficult to envision the futures ahead of us,” points out MemeBox CEO Jeff Hilford, “So our goal here at MemeBox is to create a rich, interactive playground that allows you to explore various trends and tomorrows. Scenario Land is a key part of our growing ecosystem where people can fearlessly speculate about and debate all things future.”

If you’ve got a big imagination for the future and want to contribute your thoughts about a rapidly changing world, Scenario Land is the place to get it all out and spread your powerful ideas.

Be sure to check out Alvis’ Welcome Post to readers and enjoy!

Christine Peterson, coiner of "Open Source", and MemeBox Demo at Bay Area Future Salon Tonight

October 17 2008 / by Alvis Brigis / In association with Future Blogger.net
Category: Security   Year: 2008   Rating: 3

If you’re near the San Francisco Bay Area this evening, Friday the 16th, then I strongly encourage you to swing by the monthly Future Salon featuring Foresight Institute President Christine Peterson who will be presenting on the provocative topic:

Open Source Sensing: Using open source & nanotechnology to reduce surveillance & head off Iraq-style wars.

Christine, who coined the term “open source”, contends that distributed approaches will be critical to combating the inherently distributed terrorism phenomenon:

In the U.S. and other countries, concerns regarding terrorism are driving massive new centralized surveillance systems, with little or no regard for their potential effect on civil liberties. However, unlike nuclear weapons delivered by ICBMs, terrorism is inherently a bottom-up, distributed challenge, requiring a similar response. Open source software provides a useful model for a set of technologies that address security concerns in a distributed way, with the added benefit of relatively fast response time.

We can use open source techniques, combined with the latest in sensing technologies, as an alternative to centralized surveillance. Such technologies could also build trust when used in arms control applications, potentially heading off “wars of forced inspection” such as the recent war in Iraq.

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Robots that Fetch, The End of Affluence & Anissimov's Benevolent AI Singleton

December 02 2008 / by memebox / In association with Future Blogger.net
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The Future Scanner Daily Top 5 highlight several of the most though-provoking scans submitted to the Future Scanner during the last 24 hours.

Scanned by DSMason.

Scanned by John Heylin.

Scanned by Alvis Brigis.

Scanned by Jeff Hilford.

Scanned by christinep.