Understanding Islam Through Virtual Worlds

January 15 2009 / by Alvis Brigis / In association with Future Blogger.net
Category: Metaverse   Year: 2009   Rating: 1

Understanding Islam Through Virtual WorldsI am a big fan of the Meetup system because of how easy it has made it to locate like-minded people and compelling events.  Still, every now and then there's a diamond-in-the-rough gathering such as this month's NYC Metaverse Meetup, Understanding Islam through Virtual Worlds, that simply stands out as a must-go.

On January 29 at 6pm, Carnegie Council Senior Fellows Joshua S. Fouts and Rita J. King will present findings from their Understanding Islam Through Virtual Worlds project. After a year of exploring digital Islamic communities, Fouts and King conclude that engaging with people in virtual worlds who self-identify as Muslim can be part of a broader public diplomacy strategy to foster inclusive perspectives on religion, society, and coexistence.

How can virtual worlds serve as new windows of insight into real life social dynamics?

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