World's Soon-To-Be Fastest Car Unveiled in London

October 23 2008 / by John Heylin
Category: Technology   Year: 2011   Rating: 2

You may have thought that beating the land speed record was old news — with people focusing on the race to space these days land can go fairly unnoticed — but a British team is looking to break their former record of 760mph (made 11 years ago) by hoping to reach speeds over 1,000mph.

Dubbed the Bloodhound SSC, it measures about 41 feet long and weighs in a little over seven short tons (14,109lbs). “To achieve its aim of adding more than 200 mph to the existing record, the car will need to be as tough as a submarine, withstanding 12 tonnes of force per square metre.” And with a bill of about $16 million dollars, the team is hoping sponsors will pick up the tab.

Construction on the vehicle is expected to be finished by next year with the record being broken in 2011. Check out the Bloodhound SSC site here.